Spend Your Birthday at our Queensbury Sports Bar - O'Tooles!

Join Our Green Points Club Today and Start Saving!

We know you work hard for your money. That's why O'Toole's started the Green Points Club -- a token of appreciation for your patronage. We know you have a choice when it comes to Queensbury Sports Bars and Restaurants and we appreciate you choosing us! A membership in the Green Points Club means you'll be saving some of those greenbacks when you dine with us. And if you also join our Birthday Club, you'll get a gift certificate for your birthday! You can't lose with the Green Point Club at O'Toole's... sign up today!

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Green Point Guidelines

  • No purchase necessary to join. Just complete the attached Green Points Club enrollment form and give it to your server or bartender. You will be awarded 50 Bonus Points just for joining! Must be at least 21 to become a member.
  • Your phone number will be your Membership Number. Simply write it on your guest check in the space provided. Your coupons will be generated as each level is achieved.
  • You will be awarded 1 Green Point for every $1 purchased. Green Points will be based on the net total of your check - before tax and tip and after any discount or coupon applied.
  • Green Point coupons provide an 8.5% discount on all purchases for each full cycle, PLUS receive Gift Certificates if you join our Birthday Club!
  • Memberships are NOT transferable - valid for immediate family only.
  • Memberships stay active provided one visit per six months is made.
  • Only the club member who pays the check will be credited Green Points. If separate checks, only one applies to the member.
  • Bar guests must run a tab to be credited Green Points.
  • Green Points will not be credited on the purchase of gift certificates or merchandise.
  • An O'Toole's Green Points coupon will be issued each time you reach a predetermined point level. Simply present the coupon to you server or bartender on your next visit to receive your discount. Check expiration date.
  • O'Toole's Green Points and/or Green Points coupons have no cash value and no tip value, and can only be redeemed for food, beverage or merchandise.
  • O'Toole's reserves the right to modify or terminate the Green Points program at any time. We also reserve the right to discontinue membership privileges at any time.

O'Toole's Green Points Rewards

1 100 $5.00 COUPON $5.00
2 250 $7.50 COUPON $12.50
3 500 $10.00 COUPON $22.50
4 750 $12.50 COUPON $35.00
5 1000 $15.00 COUPON $50.00
6 1500 $25.00 COUPON $75.00
7 2000 $30.00 COUPON $105.00
8 2500 $35.00 COUPON $140.00
9 3000 $40.00 COUPON $180.00
10 3500 $45.00 COUPON $225.00
11 4000 $50.00 COUPON $275.00
12 4500 $50.00 COUPON $325.00
13 5000 $100.00 COUPON $425.00