MVP Points Club

Our Queensbury Sports Bar and Restaurant offers Green Points to show you how much we appreciate your patronage. Register now to join our New M.V.P. Club and receive 10% Rewards! Sign up here!

See M.V.P. Guidelines Below
(Must be 18 or older – All info required)

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M.V.P. Guidelines

  • Start earning M.V.P. Rewards when you register here, or sign-up anytime at O'Toole's in Queensbury.
  • We need your email address to send you updates & promotions. Allow us 48 hours after joining to mail your initial M.V.P. Card.
  • Additional, lost or stolen cards will be issued with a deduction of 5 M.V.P. Reward Points from your account. Members are limited to 2 active cards per household.
  • You will earn 1 M.V.P. Reward ($1 value) for every $10 spent (excluding discounts, taxes and tips). Simply present your M.V.P. Card when you place your order to receive M.V.P. Rewards.
  • Bar guests must run a tab to earn M.V.P. Rewards.
  • All members must present their card. If no Card, no Rewards.
  • Food Specials, ½ Price Lunches, ½ Price Apps, and Buffets are excluded from the M.V.P. Reward Program.
  • Veteran’s Discounts apply only to Non-M.V.P. guests.
  • You can use your M.V.P. Rewards for food & beverage purchases anytime you want – just tell your server or bartender. M.V.P. Rewards have no cash or tip values.
  • Your M.V.P. Rewards will never expire as long as you earn a minimum of 10 M.V.P. Rewards every 12 months.
  • Memberships are non-transferrable.
  • Only the M.V.P. Club member who pays the check will be credited M.V.P. Rewards. If separate checks, each member’s check earns Rewards.
  • We will never sell, rent or share any personal information to anyone other than that which may be required by law.
  • We reserve the right to modify or terminate the M.V.P. Program or discontinue membership privileges at any time.